The Biggest Deception In Online Entrepreneurship

The Biggest Deception In Online Entrepreneurship

tdaviscole / 06/16/2017


So it’s no secret right? 90% of online entrepreneurs fail at earning money online. Yet, online business guru’s continue to sell the big dream of earning more money than you can stand and have the freedom to spend it wherever and however you want. At least that’s the idea I got when I danced off into the “earn money online” industry with big dreams and high hopes.

Yeah, companies warn you that you might not earn any money online at all, but that’s just to satisfy the FTP guidelines so they don’t get shut down or sued. Because you and I both know that you’re going to receive tons of emails and engage in lots of online bonding activities that’s going to promote the top 5-10 producers who will build your hope toward the idea that you can do it too. They will not forget to add, in small print, that “you may not earn any money at all,” but whose paying attention to those 8 little words when they are seeing big houses, boats, nice cars, and people living the freedom lifestyle that they so desperately want?

I know I wasn’t. I didn’t even see those words because all I could see was an opportunity to change my situation, to pull my family out poverty, to have the freedom to choose my life. Honestly, had it not been for one mentor who went out of her way to reveal a few pieces to the puzzle, I would have ended up like most online entrepreneurs: further in the negative than I was when I started, overwhelmed & disappointed, and back in “just over broke” modern day slavery.

One of the biggest deceptions in online entrepreneurship is the idea that you can buy systems and programs to promote to others without the skills necessary to be successful at internet marketing. Truthfully, you can join every program out there, but if you don’t first develop yourself into a skillful entrepreneur who knows how to: solve problems, target your market,  create highly converting content, and generate quality leads, you’ll find yourself paying out of pocket for your program instead of your program adding money to your pockets. Who needs another bill;  right?

That’s what makes The Total Game Change program so different. It’s designed to show you how to build a stable income online from A-Z. There’s no more guesswork, and no more, extremely expensive, monthly bills to learn how to earn money online. You can begin learning right HERE, on a budget, that just about anybody can afford, or you can grab the entire system HERE with no monthly payments at all.

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In the program, I aim to give you all the tools you need to actually build an online business:

Mental Conditioning: I’ll re-frame your thinking from “get money” to creating valuable services that solve problems and earns you monetary resources. I’ll help you see whether or not your level of skills match the income you desire. If not, I’ll show you how to build your skills so that your level of expertise matches your dream paycheck.

How To Build An Online Business: I’ll show you how to plan, develop, and launch your own products and services. I’m going to tell you about the best hosting services and online tools to help you implement your plan. I’ll reveal how you can strategically map out your content with an end goal in mind: more leads, tons of shares, or a specific amount of money.  I’m going to show you how to drive mad organic and paid traffic so that you’ll never lack new leads or conversions. I truly reveal everything you need to know about building your online business, in a very systematic way, so you’re not trying to figure out how to get started. I show you how to execute what you’re learning, so you don’t become frozen when it’s time to put your knowledge into action.

Sales Psychology: Here’s where I reveal things like personality marketing, the process of convergence, how to make connections without being so “salesy.” I also show you how to build the culture among your customers and how to extend your customer lifetime value, so you’ll never have to depend, solely, on a cold market again. You’ll discover that your list is your real-estate, and once you have real-estate you’ll always have capital.

This program is the real deal! I truly reveal earn money online potential without all the hype. You will not find a whole lot of fancy gadgets to play with nor will you have to figure out how to build pyramids. There will be no confusion on when you can make money on the internet because it will depend on you completing the program and following through with the actions necessary to get your results. I teach you exactly what you need to know and you can access that information HERE on a budget or HERE for the entire course which is still less than the cost of one semester of college.

Don’t be deceived, you need a special set of skills to master the art of earning money online. You can get those skills HERE without putting your financing through further devastation. You can still do what you came to the internet to do and without stress and strain. CLICK HERE to grab your stress-free solution to online business building coaching, so you can possess the tools to earn money online like you’ve always wanted to do.

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I’m excited to present to you Total Game Change Elites [on-a-budget] CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP, and I’ll see you on the up-side of your entrepreneurship journey.

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