How To Make Money Online Using Alexa

Did You Know That You Could Make Money Online Using Alexa?


Make money online using Alexa


Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant that can complete multiple tasks through voice command. You can program Alexa to order your groceries, turn your television, play your favorite song, and more.  Although those seem like simple tasks, Amazon knows that Alexa is capable of doing more engaging tasks. Therefore, Amazon has given you the power to teach Alexa more tasks. You can apply for a developer’s license and contribute to Alexa’s impeccable abilities. Now Developers can join Affiliates in earning money online with Amazon’s Alexa. Yet, just as with affiliates, no money is guaranteed to developers; your possible earnings are based on your overall contribution in accordance with Amazon’s guidelines.

As a Developer, you can earn money online with Amazon if you can create unique, engaging, and fun tasks for Alexa to do. Some examples of developer enhancements are:

Designed First Voice Amazon’s Voice Design Guide displays how First Voice helps Alexa learn to script, hold brief conversations, and understand the way people say things.

Dog Feeder is a unique Alexa skill that can keep track of dog feeding. It can help a customer find out the last time their dog was fed. This skill is very important if there are multiple occupants dwelling in one house. Dog Feeder helps customers rely less on the dog because the dog is always hungry.

Translated makes life easier because it can make translating phrases like “thank you” in Chinese much easier. Traditionally, if someone needed to translate “thank you” from English to Chinese they would type it into the search engine. Alexa’s Translated is a useful tool when it’s not convenient to use search engines.

Lie Swatter and Higher or Lower are both games that engage users. These games provide quick entertainment which relieves mental stress. Alexa’s games like Lie Swatter and Higher or Lower were created by great developers like you.

The 7 Minute Workout guides users through a brief set of exercises. It’s much easier to commit to Alexa’s 7 Minute Workout because Alexa keeps track of user workouts. Alexa also records user progress which is motivating to most users.

Amazon’s Alexa is a developer’s dream. It’s a great opportunity to make money online and get noticed as a developer by the world’s largest retailer. Learn more about how you can make money online with Alexa by searching

As an affiliate, you can promote Alexa and earn money online. Amazon will pay as much as 7% commission on items like Alexa. However, you can find other items other than Alexa to promote on your blog to earn money online. In the video below, I break-down how you can earn money with Amazon Affiliate program using Alexa and other niche’ products.


I truly hope you enjoyed learning how to make money online with Alexa! Leverage Amazon products like Alexa to increase your earning potential now.

Below are some tips to help you succeed with this strategy.

  1. Have an online business profits strategy going into the new year
  2. Have a profitable blog strategy
  3. Actually, have a blog lol

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