Welcome to How-To-Build An [Online Business] Boot Camp


I’m excited that you’re  here! What I’ve done is taken my Elite Total Game Change courses & broken them down into a simple boot camp style training that just about anybody can follow.

Because here’s the thing, 90% or more of online entrepreneurs are failing. Yet, many gurus continue to dance around this subject as if it’s not happening. Business continues as usual: how would you like to make money online; follow these 3 steps; tons of people are joining this or that; discover how I earned 6 figures in one-year ext. The advertisement never ceases to end.  Yet, the stats remain the same, and the failure rate is MIND BLOWING!


I honestly remember what it felt like to search high and low for someone or something that could answer my question. How do I really earn money online? However, I could never get a straight answer but rather those pre-recorded ones right? Aren’t you just sick of those? Jump on my team, and we will help you reach your goal, then you never hear from them again… .or if you do, it’s to sell you something else that still doesn’t answer your question directly.

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In all reality, you’re asked to show someone else how to do what you didn’t know how to do in the first place: earn money online. SO let me get this straight, the answer to my questions is to join your team and start recruiting people to do something I’ve never done….Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Yet, you want that dream, right? A better quality of life, more money, more freedom, and after a few tricky words,  you believe the hype, pull out your credit card and pay for products to sell to others so that you can finally make money online. But WAIT! You don’t know how to sell. Yet, you’re thrown out there like an idiot telling other people they can do what you have no clue how to do. I chuckle when I think about my very first videos on YouTube and the first couple of blogs I started. Because now I know that there is a strategic process of creating content that generates MONEY!

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In this boot camp, you’ll get mental conditioning that will help you shape your thoughts like a top notch entrepreneur so you can produce the kind of ideas that solve problems and gets you paid top dollar for your expertise.

You will also learn how to build an online business without the overwhelming guess work that keeps you up at night.  You’ll discover the psychology of sales so you’ll never have to “force a sale”  Ever again!

Throughout the boot camp I’ll show you how to: 

Create a vision plan for your life

Create a business plan for your business

Gain clarity about your business ideas

Develop your desire

Discipline your success

Map out your day to increase your pay

Target your market

Collect analytical data to determine profitable business ideas or scale up your business

Create a compelling brand story

Become an online superstar

Create digital goods

Utilize the best online tools and resources for hosting & maintaining an online business

Create highly profitable sales funnels

Drive mad organic and paid traffic to your internet business

Create and manage campaigns

Purpose your online presence for a specific response

Influence your audience

Build culture among your audience

Create repeat buyers

Tap into the psyche of your buyers market

Create blog post that rank

Build your subscribers list

Use social media to drive your sales

Do a product launch

Scale your business up 

and so much more. . . 


 To Your Success . . .


@ Total Game Change 2017