Did You Know You Could Use Hair Extensions To Make Money Online

Did You Know You Could Make Money Online Using Amazon’s Hair Extensions Catalog?

Just recently, I almost bought an online hair store. The cost was $500 and the profits margin was 30% of everything I sold. To you, that might not sound like a lot of money. It may even sound crazy to spend $500 for only 30% of the sale. However, you must consider that a large percentage of people who will buy hair extensions before paying their rent. They will buy hair extensions before they put money into savings, before they put money into their child’s college fund, and before they invest into profitable endeavors.

The hair store sounded like a big money maker, and I was all in for a moment. Grant it, everything was done for me on the site. All of the advertisements, the sales funnels, and auto pages were complete. Yet, at the time, I was working on building my own products, and although the idea sounded great, I didn’t want to pull myself in too many directions. I didn’t buy the store.

Later, I decided to reopen my Amazon Affiliate Store. However, this time I wanted to encourage buyers to learn how to make money online so they could turn their shopping into profits. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a hair extensions ad. I couldn’t help but search Amazon for more hair extension products. The following ads below reflects the search.

My hair store idea presented itself once more, but this time it didn’t cost me a dime. It’s absolutely free to become an Amazon Affiliate. The commissions for promoting Amazon affiliate hair extension products will not be 30% but the reward of showing others how they can use hair extensions to make money online makes up for the difference.

You can turn your hair extension purchases into real money by referring others to Amazon to buy their hair enhancement products. Here are a few ways that you can promote hair extensions for profit:

  • Write articles to drive traffic to your products
  • Make  Youtube videos displaying reviews and your own hair extension styles
  • Buy small ad’s and scale up your advertising dollar when your ad is profiting

Here are some tools to help you put those 3-tips into action


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3rd Have A Blog Strategy, so You Can Blog or Vlog Your Way To Success.

Honestly, you don’t have to be a woman to apply this technique. Any guy can turn products on Amazon into money. However, why not turn hair extensions into commissions? It doesn’t matter the gender of a post because men work in hair salons and stores where hair extensions are sold. If a female customer brought hair extensions to the counter are you going to say, “sorry I can’t sell that to you because I’m a man?” This is not a gender-specific post because anybody can turn their Amazon shopping into profits. Using hair extension to make money online is just one way you can shop and earn.

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