Discovery Webinar

Discovery Webinar

Have You Taken Your [FREE] Discovery Webinar Yet?

Hey, have you taken your Discovery Webinar yet? It’s critical that you take this webinar because you’re going to learn a lot about yourself, your business strengths and weakness, and how to strategically place yourself in situations where you can win. You’ll also be able to pinpoint exactly where you are in your business building process and how to get un-stuck so you can move forward with your online business goals.

What you should know about this webinar is: 

  • It may run about 1 & 1/2 hours

  • It is first to come & first serve

  • You may register for this webinar as long as you have access to this page

  • You can take this webinar course as many times as you want if there are open seats

  • You may take this webinar even if your 1st month has passed or even if you’re not a boot camp member

  •  Sometimes the webinar spaces are full, and you will have to register for the next available one

  • You will also receive a similar “pre-recorded” version of this webinar in your boot camp course material, only if you’ve registered for it.

  • Registering for this webinar does not automatically register you for the Free Boot Camp

  • You can register for the Free Boot Camp Course Here & The Free Discovery Webinar Here


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